Statutes of NGO Fontana

§ 1 – Name and address:
§ 1.1 The name of the Association is NGO Fontana.
§ 1.2  The address of the Association is Copenhagen.
§ 2 – Mission:
§ 2.1 The mission of NGO Fontana:
  1. Disseminating knowledge of addiction and treatment options. In the context of Club24, NGO Fontana will organize social events for recovering addicts, their families and anyone, who is interested in addiction and recovery issues.
  2. Contributing to improve the family’s conditions in Denmark as well as abroad.
  3. The Association aims at having special focus on poor and vulnerable groups of population in developing countries, which are directly or indirectly affected by HIV / Aids, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Alcohol- and/or Drug Abuse as well as other poverty-affecting problems.
  4. The Association can engage in treatment or other therapeutic activities for the diseases mentioned under 3) – in Denmark as well as abroad.
  5. At the discretion of the Committee, NGO Fontana can enter into agreement with other Companies, Associations, Societies, NGO’s, Institutions etc. operating within the frame of NGO Fontana’s mission.
  6. The Association can make financial contributions to other humanitarian purposes at the discretion of the Committee.
  7. To raise a national collection.
§ 3 – Membership and subscription fee:
§ 3.1 Membership fee should be paid to the Association’s giro/bank account – at the same time advising name, address and e-mail address (if any available).
§ 3.2 The membership fee is decided every year at the General Assembly.
§ 3.3 Any person, who is sympathetic to the purpose and activities of NGO Fontana, can be admitted as a member.
§ 3.4 Any member who does not pay the membership fee will be considered inactive and will be removed from the membership list. The Committee can exclude a member if deemed necessary.
§ 3.5 The Committee can establish new kinds of memberships like: Free 6-months trial-membership for patients recently out of rehab, household-membership at half price, support-membership at half price for members of other societies etc. However, such memberships have no voting-right at general assemblies.
§ 4 – Economy:
§ 4.1 The Association’s funds and means will be deposited in a Commercial Bank, Savings Bank or the Society’s Giro account.
§ 4.2 The chairman’s and/or the treasurer’s signature binds the Association, and they can entitle another member of the Committee or third person to sign for the Association.
§ 4.3 The Association is a not-for-profit association.
§ 4.4 The Association will seek funding through membership fees and by applying for financial support.
§ 5 –  General Meeting:
§ 5.1 The General Meeting is the Association’s supreme and sovereign authority.
§ 5.2 Those members who have paid their membership fees for the fiscal year before the meeting starts will be entitled to vote at the General meeting.
§ 5.3 The General Meeting will be held each year about 14 days after finishing the Statement of Accounts, however not later than September 30th.
§ 5.4 The agenda for General Meeting must include the following points each year:
  1. Election of Chairperson
  2. The Chairman’s report
  3. Submission of the audited accounts for approval.
  4. Setting the budget and membership fee for next fiscal year
  5. Motions from members and the Committee
  6. Election of Committee members and 2 alternates
  7. Selection of auditor and deputy auditor
  8. Other business.
§ 5.5 All members may submit proposals for consideration at the General Meeting. Such proposals have to be received by the Chairmen no later than 5 days before the General Meeting.
§ 5.6 Members will be called to attend the General Meeting with at least 14 days notice in a newsletter or in other written form.
§ 6 – Extraordinary General Meeting:
§ 6.1 At any time an Extraordinary General Meeting can be summoned by the Committee.
§ 6.2 An Extraordinary General Meeting must be summoned if requested by at least 1/3 of members.
§ 6.3 The Extraordinary General Meeting must be summoned with at least 8 days notice.
§ 7  - The Board:
§ 7.1 The Board consists of up to 12 members elected at the General Meeting.
§ 7.2 Board decisions are taken by normal majority of votes.
§ 7.3 In case of parity of votes the chairman’s vote is decisive.
§ 7.4 The Board constitutes itself according to the Association’s procedures outlined in “Rules for Board Constitution”
§ 7.5 The Board can - if required - constitute itself with further members of the Association, up to 12 Board members, however with alternates elected at the General Assembly to have first right to join the Board.
§ 7.6 The Board specifies its other rules of procedure by itself.
§ 7.7 Members in recovery can only be elected member of the Board following minimum 12 months of sobriety/”clean” time.
§ 7.8 In case of relapse, the board member withdraws from the Board and alternate joins the Board, which afterwards constitutes itself.
§ 7.9 It is the responsibility of the Board to secure that employees, consultants and other appointments for position of trusts understand and sign “NGO Fontana’s Ethical Rules”.
§ 8 – Decisions:
§ 8.1 The General Meeting decides on proposals by simple majority vote.
§ 8.2 Members, who have paid their membership fee, are entitled to vote. Each member has 1 (one) vote.
§ 8.3 Votes may be cast by proxy.
§ 8.4 Change of statutes requires 2/3 majority among the attendants, who are entitled to vote.
§ 8.5 In case of dissolution the Association’s assets shall be transferred to Care Denmark

These statutes were adopted at the founding General Meeting on 24th April 1998. The latest changes of articles were adopted at an Extraordinary General meeting on 9th September 2010.