What NGO Fontana does

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark and HCMC, Vietnam NGO Fontana is a member organisation committed to promote the prevention and reduction of harm related to Chemical Dependency through advocacy, networking, collaboration and by treating people for their dependency problems.

To achieve its objective NGO Fontana works to:
1. Create and nurture ties between like-minded organisations concerned with Chemical Dependency related harm:

NGO Fontana maintains close ties with similar organisations in Europe and the world and actively fosters cooperation among members and between members and other non-governmental organisations working in the field of advocacy for the prevention and treatment of harm related to Chemical Dependency.

Efforts in this direction include:
    • Fostering among its members an understanding of social, cultural, economic and political responses to the use of alcohol, drugs and medicine throughout the world
    • Facilitating the collection, collation, analysis, dissemination and utilisation of data Chemical Dependency and related harm
    • Stimulating a wide range of education and training programmes for special target areas such as the workplace, schools and social and health organisations
    • Seeking cooperation with appropriate national and international agencies
    • Attending and speaking at conferences and meetings of other organisations in the field of public health, social affairs, and the prevention and treatment of Chemical Dependency
    • Encouraging support for comprehensive research in the field of Chemical Dependency and its harm and treatment

2. Influence policy makers by advocating evidence based and effective policies and treatment of Chemical Dependency

Policy options include:
    • Education on alcohol, drugs and medicine and the need for appropriate policies
    • Restricting promotion of substances causing addiction
    • Individual based interventions
    • Evidence-based treatment

3. Monitoring policy

On an on-going basis, NGO Fontana works through its offices in Denmark and Vietnam to monitor policy discussions and by attending open meetings in the countries. It strives to maintain ties with key people in the field and follow current developments in relevant publications. Significant developments in all areas affecting the prevention and treatment of Chemical Dependency will be published on this website

4. Advocating the prevention and treatment of Chemical Dependency

With the overall goal of ensuring that the prevention and treatment of Chemical Dependency is taking into consideration in all discussions, policies and regulation promulgated by regional, national and international institutions, NGO Fontana organises meetings and conferences to inform Danish and Vietnamese decision makers about Chemical Dependency and related aspects.